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Intercity Rail & Bus

Photo: MegabusThese long-haul services carry passengers between cities, usually with only one or two stops within each city and few or no stops in between. Also see Commuter Buses and Commuter Rail for information about regional bus and rail service geared mainly toward serving commuters who work inside the beltway.

Amtrak – Passenger rail service operating in 46 states and the District of Columbia in the U.S., and in three Canadian provinces. Amtrak operates more than 300 trains each day, to more than 500 destinations. In the Washington, DC area, Amtrak stops at Union Station.

BestBus – Bus service with routes between Washington, DC and New York City, DC and Delaware beaches, Maryland and New York City, and Virginia and New York City.

Bolt Bus – Bolt Bus offers daily service between Washington, DC and New York City. Stops in the DC area are at Union Station and Greenbelt Metro. Bolt Bus also serves Baltimore, Philadelphia, Boston, Newark, and Cherry Hill, NJ.

Eastern Shuttle – Intercity bus service with routes from Washington, DC to New York and Philadelphia, and Rockville, MD to New York.

Greyhound – Greyhound Lines, Inc. is the largest provider of intercity bus service, with more than 2300 destinations in North America. Greyhound has a station at 1005 1st St., NE, Washington, close to Union Station.

Megabus – Intercity bus service to 50 major cities in the Midwest and Northeast U.S., and Canada. The DC stop is at Union Station.

Sprinter Bus – Bus service connecting Washington, DC. with New York City and Norfolk, VA. The DC stop is at Union Station.

Vamoose – Bus service from Bethesda, Arlington, and Lorton to NYC.

Virginia Breeze – Connecting Blacksburg, VA with Union Station in Washington, DC, with seven stops in between. Operated by Megabus.

Washington Deluxe – Bus service between Washington, DC and New York City. The DC stop is at Union Station.

Find Intercity Buses

Busbud – Find, compare, and book bus tickets for intercity trips all over the world. Busbud's website and mobile app will let you compare prices, bus schedules and pick up and drop off locations so that you can find the cheapest bus ticket for your trip.

Wanderu - Find, compare, and book tickets for intercity bus and train trips throughout North America and Europe. Explore by Wanderu is an online resource that helps users find travel opportunities based on date, location, and budget.

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