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Lane conversion and speed decrease may be coming to Crystal Drive
If approved at Saturday"s County Board meeting, a portion of one of Crystal City’s thoroughfares will receive a substantial upgrade and a speed limit downgrade.
Vernon Miles, September 22, 2018, ArlNow
14th Street Bridge entrance closed to cyclists starting Sept. 24
Starting Monday, September 24th, The National Park Service (NPS) will close the DC-side entrance to the paved path along the 14th Street Bridge.
Gordon Chaffin, September 22, 2018, DC Commute Times
Limited weekend track work, some weekend road closures
Limited Metro track work this weekend may make the rail system the best way around some weekend road closures.
Max Smith, September 22, 2018, WTOP
In planning for Washington's transportation future, a look at the practical and beyond
Big additions to Metro are among “aspirations” presented by transportation planners.
Michael Laris, September 22, 2018, Washington Post
Scooter rider fatally struck by SUV in Dupont Circle, officials say
A person riding an electric scooter was killed Friday morning in a collision with an SUV at Dupont Circle in what officials believe is the District’s first fatality involving a rider of a shared scooter service.
Luz Lazo and Peter Hermann, September 21, 2018, Washington Post
New data show American commute times are longer
New survey data show the average American's commute inched up to 26.9 minutes from 26.6 minutes the previous year, according to the U.S. Census Bureau's 2017 American Community Survey.
Gabriela Saldivia, September 21, 2018, NPR
More Americans now telecommute than take public transportation to work
Driving remains the predominant form of commuting. But for the first time, the next most common is working from home.
Mike Maciag, September 21, 2018, Governing
County unveils dockless vehicle pilot program, plans to cap number of scooters and bikes in Arlington
Arlington is rolling out its promised pilot program to guide the use of dockless vehicles, clearing the way for more companies to offer electric scooters and bikes in the county.
Alex Koma, September 21, 2018, ArlNow
Rep. Comstock scales back cost of her Metro bill in hope of quick passage
Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-Va.) on Thursday renewed her push to extend federal funding for Metro, although she scaled back legislation she proposed last year to reduce its cost in hope of winning quick passage.
Robert McCartney, September 21,2018, Washington Post
Navigation apps flood neighborhood with traffic and VDOT proposes Beltway ramp shutdown
VDOT plans to have a decision on whether not to do the pilot ramp shut down by early 2019.
Peggy Fox, September 21, 2018, WUSA9
Memorial Bridge closures pushed back until next weekend
Repairs to the Arlington Memorial Bridge have been pushed back from this weekend to the next, according to US Park Police.
Arielle Buchmann, September 21, 2018, WUSA9
A new report highlights the stark racial disparities in Metro fare enforcement
As Metro Police have ramped up enforcement of the fare evasion law, a disproportionate number of people issued citations are black, a new report from the Washington Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights and Urban Affairs shows. 
Eve Zhurbinskiy, September 21, 2018, Greater Greater Washington
9 cities with smart ideas to improve transportation
In cities across the country, local politicians, transit advocates, and commute-weary citizens are responding to the need for more sustainable, equitable, street-level transit solutions, delivering on promises to make daily commutes more multimodal and connect more workers to jobs
Patrick Sisson, September 21, 2018, Curbed
How's D.C. driving? This new tool instantly reveals any driver's traffic violations.
A new Twitter bot, How’s My Driving DC, uses license plate numbers to produce a list of unresolved traffic fines and violations on request.
Marissa J. Lang, September 20, 2018, Washington Post
Here's a look at who's using Northern Virginia's 495 and 95 express lanes
The average user is younger than 45 and has a household income of less than $100,000 a year, according to a new survey.
Luz Lazo, September 20, 2018, Washington Post
New bike-share station opens near Mount Vernon Campus
A Capital Bikeshare station equipped with 19 docks was installed last week on MacArthur Boulevard in front of Safeway near the George Washington University's Mount Vernon Campus.
Kelsey Bartlett and Lia DeGroot, September 20, 2018, The GW Hatchet
Auto trade group says ride-sharing won't end individual ownership
NADA is confident a dislike of waiting will keep people buying and driving their own cars for years to come, especially when parking is convenient.
Nate Delesline III, September 19, 2018, The Virginia-Pilot
An unreported fire closed a Metro station a year before a 2016 explosion
An insulator caught fire and filled the Benning Road Metro station with heavy, thick smoke in a previously-unreported incident from August 2015.
Stephen Repetski, September 19,2018, Greater Greater Washington
AAA: Fewer and fewer parking tickets are getting issued around DC
AAA Mid-Atlantic has found that nearly 600,000 fewer citations were issued in the 2017 fiscal year compared with 2011 as more drivers use their smartphones not only to reserve and pay for parking but also to extend their parking time remotely.
Jack Pointer, September 20, 2018, WTOP
Metro's inspector general takes over investigation into flawed Silver Line concrete
In­spec­tor General of­fice will con­duct the probe ex­am­in­ing the con­crete flaws re­vealed in May, when a whistleblower’s law­suit alleging test-doc­tor­ing and ma­nip­u­la­tion of pro­ject ma­teri­als be­came pub­lic.
Faiz Siddiqui and Lori Aratani, September 20, 2018, Washington Post
Fatal crash in Springfield Monday
A 70-year-old woman died Monday afternoon in a crash in Springfield, Va., and officials said speed and weather may have played a role.
Dana Hedgpeth, September 19, 2018, Washington Post
Metro adds temporary bus-tracking displays to Columbia Pike stops
The California-based company Connectpoint announced earlier this month that it’s working with WMATA to install the devices, which will display wait times for various buses, route maps and even alerts about service disruptions.
Alex Koma, September 18, 2018, ARLnow
Developer wants to reduce parking for Clarendon development
The developer looking to transform the Red Top Cab properties in Clarendon into three mixed-use buildings now hopes to cut back on the parking offered on the properties, prompting some worries from neighbors.
Alex Koma, September 18, 2018, ARLnow
Company that supplied faulty concrete still working on Silver Line
“Universal Concrete Products is completing their contract work,” said Charles Stark of Dulles Metro Project. “Right now they’ve still got a few panels to supply.”
Adam Tuss, September 18, 2018, NBC Washington
Concrete panels along Silver Line won't need fixes other than sealant
The additional problems a whistleblower raised about concrete panels framing new Silver Line stations will not require additional fixes beyond a sealant that had already been planned for them due to other production failures, a project official said Tuesday.
Max Smith, September 18, 2018, WTOP
When Silver Line Phase 2 opens, Metro employees probably won't run it
The transit agency issued a request for proposals from private companies willing to handle operations and maintenance for the line segment.
Martine Powers, September 18, 2018, Washington Post
Arlington Memorial Bridge to shut down Sep. 21-24
The closure of a major route into downtown Washington means drivers, pedestrians and cyclists who use the bridge will need to find another way to cross the Potomac River. Officials are also asking boaters to approach the bridge with caution during that closure and avoid the area near its center span.
Lori Aratani, September 13, 2018, Washington Post
Arlington Cemetery expansion could help bicyclists, pedestrians
Southgate Road will close, and Columbia Pike will be realigned further south. The cemetery will get the land where those streets are now, and Columbia Pike will get a fresh design that's hopefully more multimodal.
Gillian Burgess, September 18, 2018, GGW
Photo tour of Richmond's Pulse BRT
On June 24, 2018, the Pulse BRT opened along Richmond's Broad Street corridor. It's the second bus rapid transit line in Virginia, and the first in Richmond.
Dan Malouff, September 18, 2018, GGW
Business leaders warn that inadequate bus system is stifling growth
The region’s bus network possesses valuable assets, including more than 3,800 buses and a growing system of limited-stop service and bus rapid transit lines, but the region hasn’t fully leveraged the potential of the bus system to help solve its transportation challenges, the Greater Washington Partnership said in a report released Tuesday.
Luz Lazo, September 18, 2018, Washington Post
Fatal crash on I-66 Tuesday
The crash happened in the eastbound lanes of I-66 between Chain Bridge Road and Nutley Street.
September 18, 2018, NBC Washington
How to get a free bus ride in Arlington this week
Arlington Transit is letting passengers ride free Sept. 20 as a way to celebrate the transit agency’s 20th anniversary.
Jack Moore, September 17, 2018, WTOP
14th St. Bridge will get better for cyclists
“The 14th Street Bridge connector is a primary route for pedestrians and cyclists to access historic sites, recreational opportunities, and communities in Washington D.C. and Virginia,” says Eliza Voigt, park planner for the National Mall and Memorial Parks at NPS.
September 17, 2018, dcist
Messy Tuesday commute with flooded roads, downed trees
Some parts of the area are under a flash flood watch in the early morning hours. And some commuter trains in the area are delayed or closed because of high water on the tracks.
Dana Hedgpeth, September 18, 2018, Washington Post
Work on Clarendon Circle Rebuild to start next week
Next week, Arlington County will start work on the Clarendon Circle intersection improvement project which will add bike lanes and a queue box to the intersection, along with a host of other improvements.
September 18, 2018, WashCycle
Arlington delivers a bike friendly(er) Ballston
Quincy St. now sports almost a half mile of new, protected bike lanes between Glebe Rd and 9th St. N!
Garrett Hennigan, September 17, 2018, WABA
Americans' commutes keep getting longer
Washington-area residents spent an average of nearly 35 minutes commuting each way in 2017, the Census Bureau reports.
Faiz Siddiqui, September 17, 2018, Washington Post
Montgomery County Bicycle Plan costs are overstated
The planning board estimates the fiscal impact of the bicycle plan at less than $1.9 billion.
September 17, 2018, WashCycle
Bicyclist killed by driver in Lanham
The crash happened around 10:05 p.m. on Annapolis Road when a car and a bicycle crashed for reasons unknown.
Arielle Buchmann, September 17, 2018, WUSA9
A look at Metro's collisions, derailments, injury rate
Metro averaged one rail collision and one derailment each month of the year ending June 30, fewer than the same period a year earlier.
Max Smith, September 17, 2018, WTOP
Will a free burrito get you to go car-free this week?
A regionwide effort to get you out of your car this week includes incentives such as raffle prizes, giveaways and buy-one-get-one free burritos.
Kristi King, September 17, 2018
Park Service volunteers push back
Volunteers who have donated thousands of hours of their time to the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal National Historical Park have been walking off the job in response to what they describe as a hostile and unsafe work environment that the National Park Service has done little to fix.
Marissa J. Lang, September 16, 2018, Washington Post
Milllenials are abandoning Metro
Just as a new Metro study points to poor service as the key cause of its faltering ridership, an outside analysis paints a profile of the commuters most likely to abandon the system: millennials, the generation said to be killing everything from homeownership to driving to, uh, mayonnaise.
Faiz Siddiqui, September 15, 2018, Washington Post
Fewer smoke incidents on Metro
Overall, Metro’s fiscal year 2018 performance report covering July 2017 through the end of June 2018 lists 82 smoke or fire incidents compared to 98 in the same period a year earlier.
Max Smith, September 14, 2018, WTOP
As Purple Line construction ramps up, so do disruptions and complaints
While train tracks won’t appear until early 2020, the $2.4 billion project is in full swing throughout parts of Montgomery and Prince George’s counties.
Katherine Shaver, September 13, 2018, Washington Post
Fake labels on electrical parts used in Metro car maintenance
The middle-aged rail cars Metro is phasing out due to poor performance have had potentially fraudulent parts installed on them for years.
Max Smith, September 14, 2018, WTOP
Security of public Metro web apps in question
Metro could do more to protect personal information stored in or accessible through web apps like SmarTrip and other agency databases, a new Metro Office of Inspector General report found.
Max Smith, September 13, 2018, WTOP
D.C. reaches five percent bike commute share
Unfortunately, driving in DC rose for the first time in a few years, from 38.1% to 39.6%; walking dropped again, to 12.7% from 13.7% and transit use was down.
September 14, 2018, WashCycle
Tips for bicycling in the rain
A few practical riding tips will make sure that you end up at your destination damp but happy.
Daniel Hoagland, September 12, 2018, WABA
Fatal crash in D.C. Wednesday
The D.C. Fire Department says the single vehicle crash happened at 18th and P Streets, SE and they were called to the scene at around 8:35 p.m.
Stephen Pimpo Jr., September 13, 2018, WJLA
Metro considers charging more during major events
Metro could charge riders more to ride on weekends or holidays when the rail system runs extra service to carry large crowds.
Max Smith, September 13, 2018, WTOP
Metro will update 7000-series cars for blind riders by May
FTA had previously requested Metro complete modifications to its newest rail cars by the end of 2018. Blind passengers have had trouble navigating the 7000 cars and accidents this year have injured at least one rider.
Gordon Chaffin, September 12, 2018, DC Commute Times
Pop-up protected bike lane will appear in Park View next week
The lane will be in Park View, just west of MedStar Washington Hospital Center. The area is a hub for heavy car traffic on Irving Street NW and Michigan Avenue NW.
Andrew Giambrone, September 12, 2018, Curbed
Fatal crash in Upper Marlboro Wednesday
A Silver Spring, Maryland, man is dead after an early-morning head-on crash Wednesday morning in Prince George’s County.
Jack Moore, September 12, 2018, WTOP
House plans hearings on progress of PTC
On the 10th anniversary of a head-on crash that killed 25, Congress wants an update on its mandate to eliminate human error by train engineers.
Ashley Halsey III, September 12, 2018, Washington Post
DDOT to host Crosstown Protected Bike Lane pop-up event
The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) will install a temporary installation of the Crosstown Protected Bike Lane along Kenyon Street NW from September 19-21, 2018.
September 11, 2018, DDOT
D.C. declares state of emergency for Hurricane Florence
D.C. joins Virginia and Maryland in having declared a state of emergency.
Andrew Giambrone, September 11, 2018, Curbed
Florence could impact area roads, transit
The Washington region is preparing for the potential of torrential rain and winds strong enough to bring down trees and power lines as Hurricane Florence approaches the area.
Luz Lazo, September 11, 2018, Washington Post
Metro's soaring pension costs threaten future service, federal report says
Metro’s rising pension costs threaten its future operating position, potentially hampering its ability to provide service if the agency fails to rein in unfunded retirement and health-care liabilities, according to a report from the Government Accountability Office released Monday.
Faiz Siddiqui, Robert McCartney, September 10, 2018, Washington Post
Most crash-prone stretch of Beltway
A review of fender benders, side-swipes and pile-ups recorded via the WTOP Traffic Center's incident database over the past years shows where and when Beltway crashes are most likely to happen.
Dave Dildine, September 11, 2018, WTOP
Driver Alcohol Detection System tested in Va.
There are already sensors to help drivers park cars and safely change lanes. Now, a new sensor being tested in Virginia aims to stop drunken drivers from getting on the road.
Mike Murillo, September 10, 2018, WTOP
Trains canceled, airlines waiving fees as East Coast braces for Hurricane Florence
Am­trak said Mon­day it is canceling serv­ice to points south of Washington start­ing Wednes­day and through the week­end.
Luz Lazo, September 10, 2018, Washington Post
NPS closes Hains Point due to potential for flooding
It’s unclear when the area will reopen, particularly as forecasts for Hurricane Florence show the storm intensifying as it heads toward the East Coast and likely to drop multiple inches of rain on the mid-Atlantic region in just a few days.
Andrew Giambrone, September 10, 2018, Curbed
Contractor selected for Potomac Yard Metro Station
Metro (Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority) and the City of Alexandria have announced that Metro today selected Potomac Yard Constructors as the prime construction contractor for the Potomac Yard Metrorail Station.
September 10, 2018, WMATA
Loudoun offers free bus rides to Metro for Try Transit Week
During the week of Sept. 17 through 21, Loudoun County Transit is offering free rides on all buses that provide connections to Metrorail stations.
Joseph Dill, September 8, 2018, Loudoun Tribune
Arlington Boulevard Trail could still be the next big thing
As GGW wrote at the time, the trail has some good parts, and some simple to fix parts and then some expensive to fix parts.
September 10, 2018, WashCycle
Flooding hits parts of Alexandria
Officials said they will be giving out sandbags Monday, starting at 7:30 a.m., at King and Lee streets in Old Town.
Dana Hedgpeth, September 10, 2018, Washington Post
See Dulles airport's new facial recognition system in action
Dulles airport is using new facial recognition technology to make sure passengers on international flights are really who they claim to be.
Mike Murillo, September 10, 2018, WTOP
Next steps in Metro bus system overhaul
A presentation on Metro’s “Bus Transformation Project” outlines a strategy meant to respond to changes from decreased ridership due to Metrorail track work to changes in where people live and work.
Max Smith, September 10, 2018, WTOP
Memorial Bridge closure scheduled for Sep. 14-17
All six lanes and both sidewalks of Arlington Memorial Bridge will be closed from 7 pm Friday, Sept. 14 to 5 am on Monday, Sept. 17, forcing motorists, cyclists and pedestrians to seek alternate ways to cross the Potomac River, according to the National Park Service.
Jeff Wong, September 9, 2018, DC Commute Times
Consultant tells Metro what riders already know
Chronic service disruptions, such as those caused by track work and station closures, drive riders away, according to a consultant’s report.
Faiz Siddiqui, September 8, 2018, Washington Post
Mobile Commuter Store will no longer serve Pentagon Metro
With the opening of a new Commuter Store location at Pentagon Metro, the Mobile Commuter Store will no longer have regularly-scheduled stops there. The new Commuter Store is on the upper level, near bus bays 8 and 9, in the space formerly occupied by the Metro sales office.
New Commuter Store opens at Pentagon Metro
The Commuter Store has a new location, at Pentagon Metro station, 2 S. Rotary Road, Arlington VA 22202. The new store is in the upper level bus bay area, near bays 8 and 9, in the space formerly occupied by the Metro Sales Office.
September 5, 2018, Commuter Store
'Car-Free Days' Coming in September
Washington-area residents will be encouraged to ditch their cars and find other ways to get around in September, as part of a two-day “car-free” event.
Tim Lemke, July 17, 2018, DC Commute Times