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WMATA Platform Improvement Project: Closures on the Orange Line Starting May 28, 2022

Platform Improvement Project is WMATA’s ongoing effort to make the platforms safer and more accessible for all customers. Starting May 28 thru September 5, 2022 rail service east of Stadium Armory on the Orange Line will be suspended as a part of the Platform Improvement Project for platform reconstruction and station modernization. Here’s a brief project update:
May. 19, 2022, ATP

5 Steps to Bike to Work This May

Bike commuting is a popular mode for many people in Arlington and the DC Metro region. Equally as popular, are the barriers that come with biking or trying to figure out where to start. Perhaps you’re brand new to biking, worried about visibility during the winter months, or your work place doesn’t have a shower.
May. 6, 2022, ATP

Do the Math: Tolls & Gas When Driving Alone on I-66

Commute66 has been keeping track of daily toll prices on I-66 dating back to 2021. In that time, we have observed a steady increase, with most of that rise concentrated recently. As the Arlington region begins to return to the workplace, Commute66 will help you navigate your commute without breaking the bank.
Apr. 29, 2022, ATP

Commercial Properties and the New Workforce

As our community continues its return towards normalcy, COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, and a more sustainable agenda permeates the economy, more employers are beefing up their transportation benefits to support commuting options for their employees. Now is the best time for your property to re-visit your transportation amenities to make sure you are not left behind as commuting habits change. 
Apr. 22, 2022, ATP

Lower Costs, Better Commutes: Three Takeaways from Arlington Employers

As companies re-envision when and where work happens, there are many questions that arise. Executives and HR professionals may ask themselves how the company’s benefits need to change, how the use of office space will evolve, and what employees need to work effectively in remote or hybrid environments.
Apr. 21, 2022, ATP

Vanpool as Your Back to Office Commute

After a few years of primarily teleworking, your company may be considering, or has already begun, transitioning employees back into the office. This means a return to your commute and potentially your vanpool. However, the world of commuting is different than it was in late 2019. Here’s some safety measures you can take to keep yourself and your fellow riders healthy in addition to wearing a mask, washing hands, and practicing social distancing outside of the van.
Apr. 15, 2022, ATP

ART Real-Time Numbers Changing

Apr. 13, 2022, ART

Three Initiatives to Level Up in Champions

Champions 2022 has kicked off with a bang!  So far 76 multi-family residential have enrolled in the program and are standing out from the competition. Enrolling in Champions is the first step, but if you want to level up to the higher tiers, here are three initiatives that will boost your Champions year.
Apr. 4, 2022, ATP

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