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ART 55 and 87 Schedule Changes Effective August 24

ART 55 and 87 weekday schedule changes will go into effect on Monday, August 24. The changes are slight tweaks to the weekday bus schedules to help improve on-time performance.
Aug. 7, 2020, ART

ART Bus Service to Increase Starting on August 23

Starting on Sunday, August 23, Arlington Transit will increase bus service. The majority of service will be restored to pre-Covid levels while Arlington Transit continues to take precautions to keep passengers and operators safe.
Aug. 7, 2020, ART

Incorporate the Commute in Your Return Plans

As organizations in our region continue to envision what a phased return to the office will look like, how employees will commute plays an important role throughout the planning and execution process. Arlington’s 2019 State of the Commute survey report shows that prior to COVID-19, 53% of employees’ commutes to a business in Arlington County were made using a form of transportation other than driving alone. With so many employees who relied on transit, ridesharing, and other modes of transportation prior to the pandemic, how will commutes look when companies start to return to their worksites?
Aug. 6, 2020, ATP

How to Defend Urbanism in a Pandemic-Scarred America

2020 has been a rough year for the American city. As COVID-19 spread unchecked through the streets, subways, offices, and crowded households of New York City in early March, it wound up exposing the eternal Achilles heel of urban life- the threat of disease. For centuries, the wealthy viewed crowded cities with contempt because they...
Aug. 4, 2020, Mobility Lab

How Capital Bikeshare’s Ebikes Boost Equity For Low-Income Residents

Capital Bikeshare electric-assist bikes (ebikes) were recently rolled back out onto the streets of Arlington, and the region, after more than a year’s absence. The bikes can be easily accessed and operated as highlighted by Arlington Transportation Partners. This is great news for Capital Bikeshare Members and casual riders, however, the biggest beneficiaries of the...
Jul. 28, 2020, BikeArlington

Three Ways Transit Providers Are Keeping You Safe During COVID-19

Metrorail ridership has decreased by over 90% on average compared with this time last year. While studies have shown that fear of catching COVID-19 while commuting by public transportation may be unwarranted as places like Paris and Austria haven’t traced an infection linked to transit, service providers across our region are taking every precaution to help employees return to their offices when they’re ready. Here’s what you need to know about service providers’ responses to help plan for the transition back to your physical office space.
Jul. 28, 2020, ATP

Arlingtonians Adopted Telework Before COVID-19, Survey Results Show

The year 2019 in Arlington foreshadowed the telecommuting renaissance of these coronavirus days. An eye-popping 41% of Arlington residents surveyed teleworked “at least occasionally” in 2019, part of a steady climb from 22% in 2007, according to Mobility Lab’s 2019 State of the Commute Survey for Arlington. For those who worked in Arlington (as opposed...
Jul. 27, 2020, Mobility Lab

Two New Virginia Laws Increase Safety For Pedestrians and All Road Users

In 2019, pedestrian fatalities in the United States were at their highest rate since 1988. Although Arlington is safe for walking, the County still had 166 crashes and four pedestrian fatalities that same year. Policymakers and officials at the federal, state, and local levels are responding to this safety crisis with new initiatives and laws...
Jul. 20, 2020, WalkArlington

Distilling Commute Trends in Arlington, VA: 5 Key Highlights from the State of the Commute- Arlington Analysis 2019

In the United States, only 15% of daily trips are taken for commuting[1]. Still, 91% of people commute to work using personal vehicles,[2]  with associated trips concentrated around the same time of the day (morning and afternoon peaks). The impact of commuting on peak travel demand, congestion and emissions makes its analysis a critical component...
Jul. 14, 2020, Mobility Lab

STAR Allowing Non-Essential Trips Starting July 13

Beginning on Monday, July 13, STAR, Arlington County’s paratransit service, will allow users to book non-essential trips.
Jul. 10, 2020, ART

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