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NoVa Transit Schedules

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3F,Y Lee Highway - McPherson Square

Schedule Effective 12/26/2021

Weekday: Eastbound | Westbound
Holiday Service: See below

Service from East Falls Church to downtown D.C. during morning and evening rush hours. Serves East Falls Church station, Lee Heights (3Y), Waverly Hills (3Y), Cherrydale (3Y), Rosslyn (3Y), Farragut West station (3Y), Farragut North station (3Y), McPherson Square station.

Weekday Eastbound

Bus MetroRail East Falls Church Metro Langston Blvd (Lee Hwy) & Glebe Rd Langston Blvd (Lee Hwy) & Kirkwood Rd Langston Blvd (Lee Hwy) & Ft Myer Dr 18th St & Pennsylvania Ave NW MetroRail K & 17th - Farragut N&W Metro MetroRail 14th & I Sts NW - McPherson Sq Metro Notes
3Y 5:45 A   5:47 A   5:52 A   5:56 A   6:01 A   6:04 A   6:10 A    
3Y 6:10 A   6:12 A   6:17 A   6:21 A   6:26 A   6:29 A   6:35 A    
3Y 6:35 A   6:37 A   6:42 A   6:46 A   6:51 A   6:54 A   7:00 A    
3Y 7:00 A   7:02 A   7:13 A   7:17 A   7:24 A   7:27 A   7:32 A    
3Y 7:25 A   7:27 A   7:38 A   7:42 A   7:49 A   7:52 A   7:57 A    
3Y 7:50 A   7:52 A   8:00 A   8:05 A   8:13 A   8:15 A   8:20 A    
3Y 8:15 A   8:17 A   8:25 A   8:30 A   8:38 A   8:40 A   8:45 A    
3F 4:48 P             5:18 P   Trips will end on 13th & G Sts, NW
3F 5:18 P             5:48 P   Trips will end on 13th & G Sts, NW
3F 5:48 P             6:18 P   Trips will end on 13th & G Sts, NW

Weekday Westbound

Bus MetroRail 14th & I Sts NW - McPherson Sq Metro MetroRail 13th & H Sts NW - McPherson Sq Metro 19th & F Sts NW Langston Blvd (Lee Hwy) & Ft Myer Dr Langston Blvd (Lee Hwy) & Spout Run Langston Blvd (Lee Hwy) & Glebe Rd MetroRail East Falls Church Metro Notes
3F 6:32 A             6:52 A    
3F 6:57 A             7:17 A    
3F 7:22 A             7:42 A    
3F 7:47 A             8:07 A    
3Y   4:15 P   4:24 P   4:30 P   4:32 P   4:41 P   4:43 P    
3Y   4:45 P   4:54 P   5:00 P   5:02 P   5:11 P   5:13 P    
3Y   5:15 P   5:24 P   5:30 P   5:32 P   5:41 P   5:43 P    
3Y   5:45 P   5:55 P   6:02 P   6:12 P   6:23 P   6:28 P    
3Y   6:15 P   6:22 P   6:29 P   6:36 P   6:45 P   6:51 P    
3Y   6:45 P   6:52 P   6:59 P   7:06 P   7:15 P   7:21 P    


New Year's Day No service
M.L. King Jr. Day No service
Presidents' Day No service
Memorial Day No service
Independence Day No service
Labor Day No service
Indigenous People's Day (Columbus Day) No service
Veterans Day No service
Thanksgiving Day No service
Day After Thanksgiving No service
Christmas Day No service
Week between Christmas and New Year's No service
New Year's Eve No service

Operated by the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA), Metrobus is part of the regional Metro system, providing bus service in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia.