Ridesharing & Ridematching Services

D.C.-area ride-matching service focused on daily commuting to work. Alternabus matches drivers and riders with similar commutes, manages scheduling and reservations, and handles payments, if any.

Alternet Rides
Free, national ridesharing service. Sign up and find someone to share a ride to an event, for a one-time trip, or for the daily commute.

Amovens lets drivers sell an unoccupied seat in their car to other registered members of the Amovens community. Amovens Washington, D.C. Listings

Arlington Transportation Partners
Free service for Arlington employers and residential communities provided by Arlington County Commuter services.

Avego matches drivers and riders in real time as they travel, so they can rideshare whenever they want, from wherever they are. Drivers use an iPhone app; riders can book a ride online or using any web-enabled mobile phone.

Boontrek uses social networking to match riders and drivers who have compatible itineraries. Drivers and riders log in using Facebook and post itineraries. Boontrek finds matches where itineraries overlap, and provides profiles and ratings of drivers and riders.

Carma uses an app and GPS to match drivers and riders in real time so they can share rides and costs.

Commuter Connections
Commuter Connections is a network of Washington, DC-area transportation organizations coordinated by the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG). Commuter Connections will match you with a carpool, or you can use their online bulletin board. Commuter Connections also operates the Guaranteed Ride Home program.

Craigslist Washington, D.C. Rideshare Listings
Ridesharing bulletin board for DC area.

A popular, free service for connecting commuters, travelers going the same way, and even people who want to share a car to do errands. 17,000 commuter carpool listings nationwide, more than 1000 between Virginia and DC. Recognized by Yahoo and Google as the leading national ridesharing website.

GoLoco is an online service that helps people quickly arrange ride sharing between friends, neighbors, and colleagues. GoLoco also handles online payments from passengers to drivers for their share of the trip costs.

Ridesharing information for Alexandria, Virginia.

Montgomery County Commuter Services
Information including carpool/vanpool, ridesharing, park and ride lots.

The NuRide network not only helps you find someone to share the ride - you also earn rewards points every time you use it. Rewards are based on a points system called "NuRide Miles" -- like frequent flyer miles. You can redeem your NuRide Miles for gift cards and gift certificates from restaurants and national retailers.

Prince William County ridematching.

PoolXing connects commuters through an iPhone app or on the computer through desktop browsers. Enter your start and end address, choose a date or time if you prefer, and a cut off periphery from your start and end points. PoolXing will show you other interested poolers who match your search criteria.

Prince George's County RideSmart Solutions
Information about bus service, rail lines, carpooling, vanpooling and telecommuting as well as employer programs.

Rideshare by Enterprise
Vanpool service offering a selection of vehicles and pricing options.

vRide Washington DC
Enter your origin and destination information to see the vanpools currently operating in the area or to find commuters just like you that are interested in forming a new one.

Long-distance carpool-matching service.

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