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29C, G Annandale

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Schedule Effective 3/29/2015

Weekday: Southbound | Northbound
Holiday Service: See below

Serves No. Va. Comm. College Annandale campus (29C), Annandale, Little River Turnpike, Pentagon station. Replaces 29C,E,G,H,X; also see 29W.
For more information, call 202-228-1234 or visit www.wmata.com.

Weekday Southbound

 Metro Rail  Pentagon Metro Rt 236 & Oasis Drive Rt 236 & Braddock Rd Rt 236 & John Marr Americana & Heritage Heritage Dr. & McWhorter Pl. Godwin Bldg NVCC
AM Schedule
29C 6:45a 6:57a 7:02a 7:06a - - 7:17a
29C 7:15a 7:27a 7:32a 7:36a - - 7:47a
29C 7:45a 7:57a 8:02a 8:06a - - 8:17a
29C 8:15a 8:27a 8:32a 8:36a - - 8:47a
PM Schedule
29G 3:05p 3:20p 3:24p 3:29p 3:37p 3:42p -
29G 3:30p 3:45p 3:49p 3:54p 4:02p 4:07p -
29G 3:45p 4:00p 4:04p 4:09p 4:17p 4:22p -
29G 4:00p 4:15p 4:19p 4:24p 4:32p 4:37p -
29G 4:15p 4:30p 4:34p 4:39p 4:47p 4:52p -
29G 4:30p 4:46p 4:50p 4:55p 5:03p 5:08p -
29G 4:45p 5:01p 5:05p 5:10p 5:18p 5:23p -
29G 5:00p 5:16p 5:20p 5:25p 5:33p 5:38p -
29G 5:15p 5:31p 5:35p 5:40p 5:48p 5:53p -
29G 5:30p 5:47p 5:52p 5:57p 6:05p 6:10p -
29G 5:45p 6:02p 6:07p 6:12p 6:20p 6:25p -
29G 6:00p 6:17p 6:22p 6:27p 6:35p 6:40p -
29G 6:15p 6:32p 6:37p 6:42p 6:50p 6:55p -
29G 6:30p 6:44p 6:49p 6:54p 7:01p 7:06p -
29G 6:45p 6:59p 7:04p 7:09p 7:16p 7:21p -
29G 7:00p 7:14p 7:19p 7:24p 7:31p 7:36p -
29G 7:25p 7:39p 7:44p 7:49p 7:56p 8:01p -
29G 8:00p 8:10p 8:13p 8:16p 8:21p 8:26p -
29G 8:55p 9:05p 9:08p 9:11p 9:16p 9:21p -
29G 9:55p 10:05p 10:08p 10:11p 10:16p 10:21p -

Weekday Northbound

 Rt 236 & Lake Dr. Americana & Heritage Heritage Dr. & McWhorter Pl. Rt 236 & John Marr Rt 236 & Braddock Rd Rt 236 & Oasis Drive Metro Rail  Pentagon Metro
AM Schedule
29G - 5:30a 5:34a 5:40a 5:45a 5:50a 6:04a
29G - 5:45a 5:49a 5:55a 6:00a 6:05a 6:19a
29G - 6:00a 6:04a 6:10a 6:15a 6:20a 6:34a
29G - 6:15a 6:19a 6:25a 6:30a 6:35a 6:49a
29G - 6:30a 6:34a 6:40a 6:45a 6:50a 7:04a
29G - 6:45a 6:50a 6:56a 7:01a 7:06a 7:24a
29G - 7:00a 7:05a 7:11a 7:16a 7:21a 7:39a
29G - 7:15a 7:19a 7:25a 7:30a 7:34a 7:50a
29G - 7:30a 7:34a 7:40a 7:45a 7:49a 8:05a
29G - 7:45a 7:49a 7:55a 8:00a 8:04a 8:20a
29G - 8:00a 8:04a 8:10a 8:15a 8:19a 8:35a
29G - 8:15a 8:19a 8:24a 8:29a 8:33a 8:47a
29G - 8:30a 8:34a 8:39a 8:44a 8:48a 9:02a
29G - 8:45a 8:49a 8:54a 8:59a 9:03a 9:17a
29G - 9:00a 9:04a 9:09a 9:14a 9:18a 9:32a
PM Schedule
29C 4:27p - - 4:39p 4:44p 4:48p 5:00p
29C 4:57p - - 5:09p 5:14p 5:18p 5:30p
29C 5:27p - - 5:39p 5:44p 5:48p 6:00p
29C 5:57p - - 6:08p 6:12p 6:17p 6:27p
29C 6:27p - - 6:38p 6:42p 6:47p 6:57p
29C 6:57p - - 7:08p 7:12p 7:17p 7:27p
29C 7:27p - - 7:38p 7:42p 7:47p 7:57p

New Year's Day    No service
M.L. King Jr. Day    Holiday schedule
Presidents' Day    Holiday schedule
Memorial Day    No service
Independence Day    No service
Labor Day    No service
Columbus Day    Holiday schedule
Veterans Day    Holiday schedule
Thanksgiving Day    No service
Christmas Day    No service

For more information, call 202-228-1234 or visit www.wmata.com.

Did You Know?

11 Metrorail stops are located in Arlington.

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