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28T Tysons Corner-West Falls Church

Schedule Effective 3/27/2005 (Valid through 09/24/2010)

Weekday: Westbound | Eastbound
Holiday Service: See below

Serves West Falls Church-VT/UVA station, Tysons Corner, Old Courthouse Road, Gosnell Road, Westwood Center, Tysons-Westpark Transit Station
For more information, call 202-228-1234 or visit www.wmata.com.

Weekday Westbound

 Metro RailW Falls Church Metro Rt 7 & Lisle Tysons Center Gosnell & Tyspring Westwood Center Tysons-Westpark
AM Schedule
28T 5:56a 6:04a 6:09a 6:19a 6:24a 6:30a
28T 6:21a 6:31a 6:36a 6:46a 6:51a 7:00a
28T 6:48a 6:58a 7:03a 7:13a 7:18a 7:27a
28T 7:08a 7:18a 7:23a 7:33a 7:38a 7:47a
28T 7:28a 7:39a 7:45a 7:56a 8:02a 8:10a
28T 7:48a 7:59a 8:05a 8:16a 8:22a 8:30a
28T 8:18a 8:29a 8:35a 8:46a 8:52a 9:00a
28T 8:52a 9:02a 9:07a 9:17a 9:25a 9:32a
28T 9:22a 9:32a 9:37a 9:47a 9:55a 10:02a
PM Schedule
28T 3:15p 3:25p 3:30p 3:40p 3:48p 3:55p
28T 3:42p 3:52p 3:57p 4:07p 4:15p 4:22p
28T 4:02p 4:12p 4:17p 4:27p 4:35p 4:42p
28T 4:22p 4:31p 4:36p 4:46p 4:53p 5:02p
28T 4:42p 4:51p 4:56p 5:06p 5:13p 5:22p
28T 5:06p 5:15p 5:20p 5:30p 5:37p 5:46p
28T 5:21p 5:29p 5:35p 5:48p 5:57p 6:05p
28T 5:51p 5:59p 6:05p 6:18p 6:27p 6:35p
28T 6:21p 6:30p 6:33p 6:43p 6:50p 6:56p
28T 6:51p 7:00p 7:03p 7:13p 7:20p 7:26p
28T 7:21p 7:30p 7:33p 7:43p 7:50p 7:56p

Weekday Eastbound

 Tysons-Westpark Westwood Center Gosnell & Tyspring Tysons Center Rt 7 & Lisle Metro RailW Falls Church Metro
AM Schedule
28T 6:05a 6:13a 6:17a 6:27a 6:32a 6:38a
28T 6:33a 6:42a 6:47a 6:57a 7:02a 7:08a
28T 7:05a 7:14a 7:19a 7:29a 7:34a 7:40a
28T 7:35a 7:44a 7:49a 7:59a 8:04a 8:10a
28T 7:55a 8:04a 8:09a 8:19a 8:24a 8:30a
28T 8:15a 8:24a 8:29a 8:39a 8:44a 8:50a
28T 8:35a 8:44a 8:49a 8:59a 9:04a 9:10a
28T 9:05a 9:13a 9:18a 9:29a 9:34a 9:40a
28T 9:35a 9:43a 9:48a 9:59a 10:04a 10:10a
PM Schedule
28T 3:00p 3:07p 3:14p 3:24p 3:30p 3:38p
28T 3:30p 3:37p 3:44p 3:54p 4:00p 4:08p
28T 4:00p 4:07p 4:14p 4:24p 4:30p 4:38p
28T 4:30p 4:39p 4:46p 4:58p 5:05p 5:14p
28T 4:50p 4:59p 5:06p 5:18p 5:25p 5:34p
28T 5:10p 5:19p 5:26p 5:38p 5:45p 5:54p
28T 5:30p 5:39p 5:45p 5:56p 6:02p 6:12p
28T 5:50p 5:59p 6:05p 6:16p 6:22p 6:32p
28T 6:14p 6:23p 6:29p 6:40p 6:46p 6:56p
28T 6:40p 6:49p 6:55p 7:06p 7:12p 7:22p
28T 7:09p 7:18p 7:23p 7:34p 7:42p 7:52p

New Year's Day    No service
M.L. King Jr. Day    Regular schedule
Presidents' Day    Regular schedule
Memorial Day    No service
Independence Day    No service
Labor Day    No service
Columbus Day    Regular schedule
Veterans Day    Regular schedule
Thanksgiving Day    No service
Day After Thanksgiving    Regular schedule
Christmas Day    No service
Week between Christmas and New Year's    Regular schedule
New Year's Eve    No service

For more information, call 202-228-1234 or visit www.wmata.com .

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Menschik, D., et al., 2008


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