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25B Landmark - Ballston

Schedule Effective 12/19/2010 (Valid through 12/29/2012)

Weekday: Northbound | Southbound
Holiday Service: See below

Serves Van Dorn station, Landmark, Seminary Valley, Alexandria Hospital, NVCC (Alexandria Campus), Skyline, No. Va. Community Hospital, Ballston
For more information, call 202-228-1234 or visit www.wmata.com.

Weekday Northbound

 Metro RailVan Dorn Metro Landmark Center Taney & Ripley Seminary & Howard Southern Towers NVCC (Alex. Campus) Rt 7 & Jefferson Col Pike & Carlin Springs Metro RailBallston-MU Metro
AM Schedule
25B 6:04a - 6:18a 6:25a 6:31a 6:35a 6:43a 6:49a 7:00a
25B 6:34a - 6:48a 6:55a 7:01a 7:05a 7:13a 7:19a 7:30a
25B 7:05a - 7:19a 7:26a 7:32a 7:36a 7:44a 7:50a 8:01a
25B 7:27a 7:39a 7:45a 7:52a 7:57a 8:03a 8:13a 8:18a 8:28a
25B 8:03a 8:15a 8:21a 8:28a 8:33a 8:39a 8:49a 8:54a 9:04a
25B 8:40a 8:52a 8:58a 9:05a 9:10a 9:16a 9:26a 9:31a 9:41a
25B 9:15a 9:27a 9:33a 9:40a 9:45a 9:51a 10:01a 10:06a 10:16a
25B 10:15a 10:27a 10:33a 10:40a 10:45a 10:51a 11:01a 11:06a 11:16a
25B 11:15a 11:27a 11:33a 11:40a 11:45a 11:51a 12:01p 12:06p 12:16p
PM Schedule
25B 12:15p 12:27p 12:33p 12:40p 12:45p 12:51p 1:01p 1:06p 1:16p
25B 1:15p 1:27p 1:33p 1:40p 1:45p 1:51p 2:01p 2:06p 2:16p
25B 2:15p 2:28p 2:35p 2:42p 2:47p 2:53p 3:04p 3:10p 3:21p
25B 3:15p 3:28p 3:35p 3:42p 3:47p 3:53p 4:04p 4:10p 4:21p
25B 3:37p 3:51p 3:58p 4:05p 4:11p 4:15p 4:26p 4:32p 4:43p
25B 4:13p 4:27p 4:34p 4:41p 4:47p 4:51p 5:02p 5:08p 5:19p
25B 4:45p 4:59p 5:06p 5:13p 5:19p 5:23p 5:34p 5:40p 5:51p
25B 5:29p 5:42p 5:48p 5:53p 5:59p 6:04p 6:14p 6:20p 6:30p
25B 5:56p 6:09p 6:15p 6:20p 6:26p 6:31p 6:41p 6:47p 6:57p
25B 6:26p 6:38p 6:44p 6:49p 6:54p 6:59p 7:09p 7:14p 7:23p
25B 7:00p 7:12p 7:18p 7:23p 7:28p 7:33p 7:43p 7:48p 7:57p
25B 7:25p 7:37p 7:43p 7:48p 7:53p 7:58p 8:07p 8:12p 8:21p
25B 8:17p 8:29p 8:35p 8:40p 8:45p 8:50p 8:59p 9:04p 9:13p
25B 9:30p 9:42p 9:48p 9:53p 9:58p 10:03p 10:12p 10:17p 10:26p

Weekday Southbound

 Metro RailBallston-MU Metro Col Pike & Carlin Springs Rt 7 & Jefferson NVCC (Alex. Campus) Southern Towers Seminary & Howard Taney & Ripley Landmark Center Metro RailVan Dorn Metro
AM Schedule
25B 6:05a 6:15a 6:20a 6:28a 6:33a 6:38a 6:43a - 6:59a
25B 6:20a 6:30a 6:35a 6:43a 6:48a 6:53a 6:58a - 7:14a
25B 7:02a 7:12a 7:17a 7:25a 7:30a 7:35a 7:41a 7:46a 8:00a
25B 7:34a 7:45a 7:50a 7:58a 8:03a 8:08a 8:14a 8:20a 8:34a
25B 8:09a 8:20a 8:25a 8:33a 8:38a 8:43a 8:49a 8:55a 9:09a
25B 8:29a 8:40a 8:45a 8:53a 8:58a 9:03a 9:09a 9:15a 9:29a
25B 9:09a 9:20a 9:25a 9:34a 9:39a 9:44a 9:50a 9:56a 10:10a
25B 10:09a 10:20a 10:25a 10:34a 10:39a 10:44a 10:50a 10:56a 11:10a
25B 11:09a 11:20a 11:25a 11:34a 11:39a 11:44a 11:50a 11:56a 12:10p
PM Schedule
25B 12:09p 12:20p 12:25p 12:34p 12:39p 12:44p 12:50p 12:56p 1:10p
25B 1:09p 1:20p 1:25p 1:34p 1:39p 1:44p 1:50p 1:56p 2:10p
25B 2:09p 2:20p 2:25p 2:34p 2:39p 2:44p 2:50p 2:56p 3:10p
25B 3:09p 3:20p 3:25p 3:34p 3:39p 3:44p 3:50p 3:56p 4:10p
25B 3:39p 3:50p 3:55p 4:04p 4:09p 4:14p 4:20p 4:26p 4:40p
25B 4:09p 4:20p 4:26p 4:36p 4:40p 4:46p 4:52p 4:58p 5:13p
25B 4:44p 4:55p 5:01p 5:11p 5:15p 5:21p 5:27p 5:33p 5:48p
25B 5:09p 5:20p 5:26p 5:36p 5:40p 5:46p 5:52p 5:58p 6:13p
25B 5:53p 6:04p 6:10p 6:20p 6:24p 6:30p 6:36p 6:42p 6:57p
25B 6:09p 6:20p 6:26p 6:35p 6:39p 6:46p 6:52p 6:59p 7:12p
25B 6:39p 6:50p 6:56p 7:05p 7:09p 7:16p 7:22p 7:29p 7:42p
25B 7:10p 7:20p 7:25p 7:34p 7:38p 7:44p 7:50p 7:56p 8:08p
25B 8:10p 8:20p 8:25p 8:34p 8:38p 8:44p 8:50p 8:56p 9:08p

New Year's Day    No service
M.L. King Jr. Day    Saturday schedule
Presidents' Day    Saturday schedule
Memorial Day    No service
Independence Day    No service
Labor Day    No service
Columbus Day    Saturday schedule
Veterans Day    Saturday schedule
Thanksgiving Day    No service
Christmas Day    No service

For more information, call 202-228-1234 or visit www.wmata.com .

Did You Know?

Adolescents who participate in bicycling more than four times a week are 48% less likely to be overweight as adults.

Menschik, D., et al., 2008


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