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Sharing the Road is a Fundamental Mindset for UK Drivers

I recently had the opportunity to drive in the UK with my family. While not my first time to Britain, it was my first time behind the wheel, and after three days traveling, I concluded that I probably had an easier time of it – as a U.S. driver coming to the UK – than []

Jul. 30, 2015, Mobility Lab

It's hot, hot, hot

It's been beastly HOT. Check out our tips for staying safe and cool.

Jul. 30, 2015, WalkArlington

Getting on the Bus: My First Day

Do you remember your first day on public transportation in Arlington? Ayanna Jacobs, Development and Volunteer Relations at Arlington Free Clinic, does and shares her story with ATP.

Jul. 27, 2015, ATP

Did You Know: Transportation Demand Management is What Helps Arlington Thrive

You've heard of ATP, sort of. You think you know what we do, but you want more than an elevator speech. Great, this blog is for you.

Jul. 24, 2015, ATP

Know Your Options: When Metro is Having a Bad Day

Every form of transportation will eventually bring the unexpected, but do you know what to do when the unexpected happens? Figure out your best options for getting in, out and around Arlington County.

Jul. 23, 2015, ATP

Film Release Party

Be sure to join us on September, 10th at Arlington Cinema 'N' Drafthouse as we celebrate the release of our short film series!

Jul. 23, 2015, BikeArlington

Champion of the Month: Swanson Middle School

Read about July's Champion of the Month - Swanson Middle School. Since October 2014, ATP has been working with Arlington Public Schools. This month's Champion is recognized as the first school to join the recognition program!

Jul. 22, 2015, ATP

Autonomous Vehicles Are a Traffic Solution Only Alongside Better City Planning

Autonomous vehicles – or self driving cars – are promoted as a solution to congestion because researcher Todd Litman and many others expect that sensors will allow cars to travel closer together. But it has been proved time and time again that road-widening leads to induced demand, which means that additional lanes get just as []

Jul. 21, 2015, Mobility Lab

Clean Air Partners: 'I am only one person. How will I make a difference?'

Sometimes it's hard to see the difference one person can make when it comes to not driving alone. See how biking or teleworking not only benefits you, but also Arlington County.

Jul. 21, 2015, ATP

Contest Reveals Importance of People’s Non-Commute Trips

Each year in May, RIDE Solutions in Southwest Virginia hosts a Clean Commute Challenge as part of its National Bike Month activities. In the past, participants only logged commute trips, but for the 2015 contest, we opened trip types up to a variety of non-commute options, including dining, shopping, business meetings, religious services, and volunteer []

Jul. 20, 2015, Mobility Lab

Health, Transportation, and City-Planning Connections To Get a Closer Look

Living in an urban setting can have serious effects on mental health, such as: a 38 percent higher chance of having “any disorder” a 39 percent higher chance of having a mood disorder, and a 21 percent higher chance of having an anxiety disorder when compared to living in a rural area. And as Dr. []

Jul. 17, 2015, Mobility Lab

New Research Reveals the Costs of Sprawl to Municipal Coffers

Ever since the Roman Empire, local governments have had great control over land use. Today, municipalities control development using zoning regulations, tax policies, and infrastructure-investment decisions. Municipalities can choose to develop in an unconnected, low-density, suburban-style manner, or they can consider more compact, connected urban land uses. These decisions have enormous implications for a municipality’s finances, according []

Jul. 16, 2015, Mobility Lab

Mobility Lab Express #66 – July 15, 2015

This is the time of year when we at Mobility Lab start to get excited for the annual Association for Commuter Transportation conference. This year, it's in Baltimore from July 26-29, and it's a key marker for moving the transportation-management industry in the much-needed directions of more funding, policy, and prestige. We're speaking on a []

Jul. 15, 2015, Mobility Lab

The Dos and Don’ts of Taking Your Bike on Metro and Bus

Want to take your bike on the bus or Metro, but aren't sure how? Brendan Casey, Business Development Manager, gives you the rundown and a step-by-step guide!

Jul. 14, 2015, ATP

Transit Data Gets More Intriguing As the Way It’s Presented Improves

Adil Yalcin said he was always frustrated that so many data-analysis programs require the user to pick the design of the data visualization. In other words, the users had to decide if they wanted to view the information as a line graph, chart, or other map. In an effort to simplify the process, the student []

Jul. 13, 2015, Mobility Lab

StreetsCamp Elevates Transit Discourse in D.C. Region

Successful campaigns to improve transit – and urban mobility more generally – depend on key contributions from community advocates, city government, and transit agencies. The venues are few and far between for these three groups to informally collaborate, refine their efforts, and share ideas. However, members of each of these groups, as well as academic []

Jul. 9, 2015, Mobility Lab

Streets and Sidewalks Should Be Used to Improve Our Health

Streets and sidewalks take up 25 to 50 percent of a typical U.S. city’s land. New York City, for example, is on the lower end of that scale at 28 percent and Chicago (42 percent), Washington D.C. (43) and Portland, Oregon (47) are at the higher end. This, believe it or not, presents a huge []

Jul. 9, 2015, Mobility Lab

Top Blogs of 2015 (...So Far)

See what people have been reading and check out top content (so far) from 2015!

Jul. 8, 2015, ATP

Transportation Startups Could Be the “Next Great Small Business”

The new shared-ride mobility company Split, operating out of Washington D.C., was one of two transportation startups recognized in the recent Tech.Co Startup Competition in Arlington, Virginia. Split was deemed the standout of the two, being awarded second-place overall in the competition. It’s similar to Uber and Lyft in that it is an app-enable ride-hailing []

Jul. 7, 2015, Mobility Lab

Breathe Healthy, Arlington

Looking to positively impact air quality in Arlington County? Read our latest blog to see how employers, residents, schools and visitors can take steps to making the County a healthier, more sustainable destination.

Jul. 6, 2015, ATP

There is No Right or Wrong Way to be a Cyclist

Encouraging people to try bicycling means listening to their needs rather than telling them why they should do it.

Jul. 1, 2015, BikeArlington

Urban Village Highlight: Lee Highway

Lee Highway, one of Arlington's Urban Villages, isn't located near a Metro Station. But there are plenty of easy ways to check out this neighborhood without a car. Keep reading to find out Pinky's top picks for restaurants and parks in the area!

Jun. 29, 2015, ATP

Did You Know? Telework Programs are Great Business Strategies

Telework isn't just a great benefit for employees, it's also a solid business strategy. Read our latest blog to find out more.

Jun. 26, 2015, ATP

Schools: A Successful Spring and an Engaging Autumn

Elizabeth Denton, Business Development Manager for Schools, wraps up her first semester working with APS to improve sustainable transportation for Arlington Public Schools, the County's largest employer. Check out her experience in this blog

Jun. 24, 2015, ATP

Opportunities to Provide Feedback on Proposed Changes to STAR Policies

Several revisions to STAR policies have been proposed to comply with the new federal regulations, improve scheduling and provide more STAR rides within available resources.

Jun. 23, 2015, ART

Update: Proposed STAR Rider Guide Changes

Several revisions to STAR policies have been proposed to comply with the new federal regulations, improve scheduling and provide more STAR rides within available resources. The County Manager will consider all input regarding the proposed STAR policy revisions and set an effective date.

Jun. 23, 2015, ART

Public Transportation Etiquette - The Golden Rules, Part 2

Just say no to bad etiquette - especially this summer. Keep it cool, keep it friendly, keep it golden!

Jun. 18, 2015, ATP

How I Commute To Work: Jonathan

Jonathan lives in Shaw, but works here in ATP's office located in Rosslyn. See how he chooses to commute!

Jun. 17, 2015, ATP

It’s Hot Out There – Make It Easier for Employees and Tenants

Summer is almost here - don't sweat your commute. Check out these cool tips for a better summer commute.

Jun. 16, 2015, ATP

Bike Errand Challenge Results

Jun. 16, 2015, BikeArlington

Did You Know?

Driving alone is the primary commute mode for 54% of Arlington Commuters, compared to 83% statewide.

2007 Virginia State of the Commute Study: Arlington Perspective

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