Tools for Mobile Devices Mobile Services Mobile Services is a suite of web apps developed by Arlington County Commuter Services. For schedules and other tools for web-enabled mobile phones and other mobile devices with web access, point your device's browser to If you have an older phone that can't display this page properly, try Tools include:

  • ART RealTime arrival predictions.
  • Schedules for northern Virginia transit systems: ART, CUE, DASH, Fairfax Connector, Loudoun County Transit, Metrobus routes in northern Virginia, and VRE.
  • Point-to-point schedules combining schedules for all transit systems operating between those points.
  • news, events, and transit service alerts.

Metro's Mobile Services

A number of Metro's online services are optimized for your Web-enabled phone. These services include:

  • Metro's Trip Planner
  • Next scheduled departure for Metrorail or Metrobus service near you
  • Next Metrorail train arrival times
  • Next Metrobus arrival times
  • Elevator/escalator outages
  • Service disruptions
  • System map
  • SmarTrip® online account access

For more information, go to Metro's Mobile Services page, or use your phone's web browser and navigate to Metro's mobile site.

Car-Free Near Me™

Car-Free Near Me™ is a web app developed by Arlington County Commuter Services that locates car-free transportation options near your home, office, or any location in the D.C. area. The app creates a customizable web page, including a map and real-time arrival information for transit services. Information is available for Metrorail, Metrobus, Arlington Transit-ART, DC Circulator, Capital Bikeshare, Zipcar, Montgomery County Ride On and Prince George's County The Bus.


MetroHero is a mobile-friendly website providing a real-time overview of the entire Metrorail system, including a map showing current train positions and estimated time to the next station. Also available as a an Android app.


RackSpotter is a free, crowdsourced tool available for web browsers and smartphones that can be used to identify bike parking locations throughout the greater Washington DC region.

Mobile Applications (Apps)

Mobile apps are designed for specific mobile operating systems. Users must download and install the appropriate version of each app. Some apps are offered for free, others for a fee. Unlike mobile web tools, it's possible for apps to work without internet access. However, the apps listed here depend on an internet connection to be fully functional.

Capital Rails


Real-time Metrorail arrival information, the same information that appears on the displays next to the Metrorail platform in each station. Set the station(s) you want to monitor in "Settings" and get arrival information just for those stations as soon as you launch the app, without having to navigate to the station you're interested in. iTunes preview.

Google Maps for Mobile

Android, iPhone/iPad, Blackberry, Nokia, Windows. (Not all features work on all phones.)

View maps and plan a trip by transit, walking, biking (or driving). Search maps for restaurants, shopping or other services. Find out more on the Google Maps for mobile page, or point your mobile browser to

Layar Reality Browser

Android, iPhone 3GS and newer (Check the Layar site for the latest compatibility information.)

Layar Reality Browser uses a combination of the phone’s camera, compass and GPS data to identify the user’s location, retrieve data about the user’s surroundings, and overlay that information over the camera view.

Data layers are available to show ART-Arlington Transit bus stop locations with ART RealTime arrival information, Capital Bikeshare locations with bike and dock availability information, and WalkArlington Walkabout points of interest.

To use these tools, download Layar at and then search for “Arlington” to find the ART, Capital Bikeshare, and WalkArlington data layers.



App shows Metrorail train positions in real time, with time estimates to the next station. MetroHero on Google Play.


Android, iPhone

Sluglines mobile app crowdsources real-time data to assist participants, removing doubt from the "casual carpooling" process for both “slugs” and drivers.


Android, iPhone, Blackberry

Free mobile app for Capital Bikeshare. Created by 8D Technologies™, the technology partner of the worldwide BIXI™ system, it’s a handy app that helps you locate Capital Bikeshare stations, and provides real-time information about available bikes and docks. Spotcycle

Taxicab & Sedan Service Apps

myTaxi offers a smartphone app to book and pay for a cab.

RideScout is a mobile app that integrates Google transit information, Car2Go availability, individual taxi drivers (regular taxi cab, electric cab and pedicab) and peer to peer social ride sharing.

Red Top Cab of Arlington offers two smartphone apps to book or reserve a cab.

Taxi Magic booking works with 85 taxi fleets in 45 cities across the United States. Use the smartphone app or book via text message or online.

Uber offers a smartphone app to book and pay for Uber's  transportation services.

Did You Know?

The average person loses 13 lbs. their first year of commuting by bike.

League of American Cyclists

News Headlines
Federal report: Despite improvements, Metro's power system is 'deteriorated' and inadequate for 8-car fleet

Martine Powers, December 9, 2016, Washington Post

Va. readies new-style interchange on I-66

Robert Thomson, December 8, 2016, Washington Post

Contract workers at National, Dulles airports vote to strike

Lori Aratani, December 8, 2016, Washington Post

Metro tweaks new 7000-series cars

Faiz Siddiqui, December 8, 2016, Washington Post

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