Redmon Transit Display Digital Signage System

Since 1990, Redmon Group has designed, developed, and deployed transportation-related technologies, such as information kiosks and displays, for public sector, corporate, international, and educational organizations. Redmon is an interactive media firm, creating real-time, custom communication systems and dynamic and data-driven digital products for travelers, including the Transit Display. In 2003, Arlington County Commuter Services (ACCS) partnered with Redmon Group to develop and deploy digital transit information signage for Arlington County buildings, The Commuter Store®, major bus transfer locations, and other Arlington locations. Redmon's Transit Display video shows Transit Display installation around the DC, Virginia, and Maryland Metro area.

Transit Display Project History, 2003-Present

April 2016
Redmon customized and installed 27 of our real-time arrival Transit Displays at 17 Crystal City Potomac Yard Transitway bus tops and transit stations in both Arlington and Alexandria.

Photo of a Transitway bus station with real-time display and bus driving through.
Transit Display at 27th Street and Crystal Drive Station.

November 2015
After establishing a corporate headquarters in Crystal City, international Discount grocer Lidl called on Redmon to provide a Transit Display for the lobby of their new building. An additional Redmon Transit Display was deployed at Tysons Corner Center in partnership with Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) and Virginia Megaprojects.

January 2015
At George Mason University's Arlington Campus, a Redmon Transit Display in Founders Hall provides real-time transit options, news, weather, and twitter updates for students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

April 2014
Two Redmon Transit Displays serve the residents of the Eclipse on Center Park Condominiums, a luxury high-rise, mixed use community at the National Gateway, near Crystal City.

Photo of Outdoor Transit Display at Ballston Commuter Store
Outdoor Transit Display at Ballston Commuter Store

August 2013
At the Environmental Protection Agency’s building in Crystal City, two Redmon Transit Displays were deployed to help inform EPA employees of transit options and travel alerts.

March 2013
Redmon designed and installed an outdoor Transit Display at a Columbia Pike bus stop. The Transit Display in enclosed in a fully sealed, weatherproof, outdoor panel case.

January 2012
An outdoor Redmon Transit Display was installed at The Commuter Store® in Ballston. The Transit Display in enclosed in a fully sealed, weatherproof, outdoor panel case.   

August 2010
A Redmon Transit Display was installed at the Strayer University Arlington Campus above the Court House Metro station. This was the first installation of a Redmon Transit Display at a non-county building. 

January 2010
Three Redmon Transit Displays, with individual customizable feeds, were installed at ACCS offices at 1501 Wilson Boulevard.

Photo: Transit Display at Arlington Courthouse

November 2009
Five Redmon Transit Displays were deployed at Tysons Corner Center in partnership with Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT)and Virginia Megaprojects.

October 2009
A mobile Redmon Transit Display was installed in the Mobile Commuter Store.

June 2009
Two Redmon Transit Displays were installed in the lobby of the main Arlington County office building at 2100 Clarendon Boulevard, replacing existing displays.

April 2009
Redmon Transit Displays at The Commuter Store® in Crystal City were upgraded to replace rear-screen projection displays with LCD panels.

May 2008
Redmon Transit Displays are installed at the American Trucking Associations offices in Ballston.

June 2005
Redmon Transit displays were installed at the new Shirlington Bus Station. This system includes one LCD Transit Display and five LED bus information signs with Assisted Listening Devices.

May 2005
Redmon Transit Displays were installed at the The Commuter Store® in Rosslyn. This was the first digital sign in this project to incorporate a new Redmon Content Management System (CMS). Redmon’s custom CMS was also incorporated into a Transit Display for the new ATF Headquarters in Washington DC.

April 2005
Photo: Digital signs at Crystal City bus baysRedmon designed and deployed custom Transit Displays at the Crystal City Metro station. Additionally, Redmon installed eight LED signs at four bus bays. The LED and LCD displays are all controlled with a single on-site computer.

March 2004
Redmon upgraded several Arlington County-provided LED signs at Rosslyn Metro station bus bays. The LED signs provide schedule information and inform riders which buses stop at which bus bays. The signs are all controlled by a single computer system on-site.

June 2003
Redmon deployed the first-generation Transit Display for ACCS at The Commuter Store® in Crystal City. This was Arlington's first collaboration with Redmon Group to develop digital transit information displays. The displays featured animations played in a loop on large proprietary displays.

Screenshot of Arlington Transit Display


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Arlington County is one of only 15 Gold-level Walk Friendly Communities in the U.S.

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