Neighborhood Transportation Information Display Standards

February 6, 2017

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Approved special exception development projects in Arlington County are required to complete several site plan conditions prior to building occupancy, and to maintain these conditions for the life of the site plan1. The paragraph below contains typical language for the site plan condition related to transportation information displays:

“Provide in the lobby or lobbies, an information display(s), the number/content/design/location of which will be approved by ACCS, to provide transportation-related information to residents and visitors. The PTC shall keep display(s) stocked with approved materials at all times.”

The locations and number of displays are determined by Arlington County Commuter Services (“ACCS”) to maximize visibility in the context of each building’s design, and are therefore not described here (for instance, a large building with two main lobbies may be required to provide two displays). However, this standards document provides four options as examples for providing the physical infrastructure to fulfill this requirement.

In new construction, the display design and location typically must be approved and the display constructed and on-site, if not installed, prior to receiving the First Certificate of Occupancy. This requirement and its timing, along with all other site plan conditions, is reviewed with the developer at several junctures before and during construction, and is included in a pre-Certificate of Occupancy Checklist tool we use to assist with completion of the requirements for Zoning issuance of the appropriate permit or certificate. After occupancy, building owners are responsible for providing the required neighborhood transportation information at all times.

If a display is in such disrepair as to discourage its use by those in the building or it doesn’t provide the required transportation-related information, it no longer fulfills the transportation-related site plan condition and staff will advise repair or replacement. A property owner may at any time replace a display with one of the approved options described herein, but an owner may not relocate a display without consulting with staff. Staff maintains photographic and written records of compliance with this condition through routine annual site visits and correspondence with Property Transportation Coordinators. Compliance with site plan conditions is enforceable under Article 17 of the Arlington County Zoning Ordinance. 

Approved Display Options

A building must provide neighborhood transportation information in one of four possible ways:

1. A static neighborhood transportation map accompanied by transportation brochures display

2. A static neighborhood transportation map accompanied by a real-time transportation information display

3. A real-time transportation information display accompanied by “take-away” transportation options map

4. An approved alternative information display that is consistent with the conditions and reasonably equivalent to the combinations described above.


Static Neighborhood Transportation Map (e.g., a framed paper or illuminated map, a digital screen displaying a map, a projection, etc.)

  • Must depict the range of transportation options available in reasonable walking distance of the building (1/4 to 1/2 mile), including but not limited to Metrorail stations, bus routes and stops, Capital Bikeshare stations, and car-share stations.
  • To obtain the map from Arlington County, the display must accommodate one of two standard sizes produced by Arlington County GIS. Arlington can provide this map in digital form for owner reproduction (lightboxes, projections, or other special conditions). The County’s standard sizes are 26.125” W x 29.75” H or 21.75” W x 26.75” H. (21” W x 26” H is the minimum dimension if producing your own map.)
  • Any digital, projection, or lighted display must depict the map at all times.

Real-Time Transportation Information Display (digital screen or projection)

  • Must depict the real-time transportation information at all times.
  • Must contain real-time arrivals information for the nearest Metrorail station and bus routes that stop within ¼ mile of the building, and availability for the Capital Bikeshare system, car-share, and other available free data feeds for transportation services convenient to the building.
  • Display must be a minimum of 32” (diagonal).

Transportation Brochures Display

  • Must provide enough space to display brochures for the transportation options available in reasonable walking distance of the building (1/4 to 1/2 mile).
  • Holder must accommodate brochures provided by Arlington County and regional agencies, typically measuring 4”W x 9”H.
  • A range of current brochures/timetables must be kept in stock at all times.

“Take-Away” Transportation Options Map

  • A sign adjacent to a Real-Time Transportation Information Display must indicate: “A map of these neighborhood transportation options is available at [reception, concierge, etc.]”
  • The take-away map must be the one produced by Arlington County, or equivalent.
  • The take-away map must be available at all times at the location specified. 

Vendors of Approvable Displays or Display Elements

The following is a list of known vendors that produce approvable transportation information displays that have met one or more of the requirements listed above. This is not an exhaustive list of vendors that could produce approvable products, nor does it constitute an endorsement for any particular vendor or any particular combination of required elements. Property owners may choose to order a product from a vendor, or design and build a product themselves, or some combination of the two. Property owners should contact display vendors directly with any requests for new orders of off-the shelf products.

Exhibit Edge, Inc. (Static Displays)
4315-A Walney Road, Chantilly, VA 20151
703-230-0000, x203

Redmon Group, Inc. (Digital Displays, Full Service)
211 North Union Street, Suite 350, Alexandria, VA 22314

Transit Screen (Digital Displays, Software Only)
1133 15th St. NW, 12th Floor, Washington, DC 20005

For Repairs

Property owners should contact vendors directly for repair or maintenance support for existing installed products or services. The large display kiosks (freestanding or wall-mounted) in most operational site plan buildings were provided to owners by Exhibit Edge. For assistance with repairs or replacement of those products, please contact Exhibit Edge directly.

Exhibit Edge, Inc. (Static Displays)
4315-A Walney Road, Chantilly, VA 20151
703-230-0000, x203

More Information

For more information about how to meet the Transportation Information Display requirement in Arlington County Transportation Demand Management conditions of development, and for neighborhood map files which can be provided by Arlington County, please contact:

Melissa McMahon, AICP
Transportation Research and Site Plan Development Manager
Arlington County Department of Environmental Services
Division of Transportation – Commuter Services Bureau
2100 Clarendon Boulevard, Suite 900, Arlington, Virginia 22201
703-228-0651 (TDD: 711)

Examples of Neighborhood Transportation Information Displays

Photo: Transportation Information Display

Photo: Transportation Information Display

Photo: Transportation Information Display

Photo: Transportation Information Display

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