ACCS Performance Dashboard

Arlington County Commuter Services

Arlington County Commuter Services (ACCS) operates a suite of programs and services which together provide a comprehensive approach to a more efficient use of Arlington’s existing transportation infrastructure for workers, residents, and visitors. The bureau functions as a resource center by providing information, marketing, programming and advocacy to encourage the use of public transit, walking, bicycling, carpooling, vanpooling, telecommuting, and other mobility innovations.

Measuring Performance

Performance measures are a quantitative or qualitative characterization of performance and progress toward meeting defined objectives. They quantify the agency’s efficiency or effectiveness in conducting business operations. The performance measures developed for Arlington County Commuter Services were derived from a multi-step performance measure selection process. In August 2012, at the annual ACCS Strategic Planning Meeting, a workshop session was held with the entire staff of ACCS to gather input on potential performance measures. The ACCS Management Team, using the input from this workshop and after reviewing all of the performance measures included in the Arlington TDM Strategic Plan, the Arlington Master Transportation Plan – Transportation Demand Management Element, and the Making an Impact Report, established a select group of performance measures for the Bureau.

Graphic: TDM Options
TDM Options: Public Transit, Taxicabs, Carsharing, Paratransit, Rideshare,
Walking, Biking & Bikeshare, Telecommuting