ACCS FY 2015 Annual Highlights, Continued

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Mobility Lab

  • Continued to build strategic relationships to create better understanding of the importance of mobility management for building effective transportation and healthy communities. These partnerships included the Association for Commuter Transportation, the USDOT, the Arlington Chamber, WMATA Office of Planning, MWCOG/Region Forward, and the Transportation Policy, Operations and Logistics program at GMU.
  • Nationally, Mobility Lab supports funding and strong policy for TDM through its active participation with The Association for Commuter Transportation’s national Public Policy Council and by representing ACT with the USDOT’s FHWA-FTA Stakeholder Group. In Virginia, Mobility Lab has been a leader for TDM with the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation and VDOT and in 2015 has represented Arlington County on numerous committees planning the I-66 HOT Lanes project, including helping to develop the TDM strategy for the project.
  • Transportation Camp
    Transportation Camp
  • Organized and/or participated in a variety of events, including USDOT Transportation Data Palooza, five Lunch at the Lab events, Baltimore Metropolitan Commission Future of the Region, Transportation Research Board TDM Committee, VDOT Transit and Technology Roundtable, Virginia Transit Association, Silver Spring TDM Advisory Committee, and ACT Legislative Summit. Transportation Camp continues to be Mobility Lab’s signature event, positioned adjacent to the Transportation Research Board in January, and it attracts top participants in the industry from around the US, with 440 attendees in 2015. Mobility Lab maintains the Transportation Camp web site and is helping provide support to other Transportation Camps which are forming around North America.
  • Continued to be a catalyst in the rapidly evolving transportation technology realm through our monthly Transportation Techies Meetup group, excellent communications coverage of new people-oriented technology, and advocacy of open data. Transportation Techies meet-up group has grown from 393 members in FY2014 to 953 in FY2015. The group met ten times this year, bringing together speakers and attendees from transit agencies, professional groups, academia, app developers, and anyone with a passion for and interest in transportation, programming, data analysis, and data visualization. Event themes include biking, Capital Bikeshare, Metrorail, buses, and multi-modal apps.
  • Presented on how Arlington County’s Mobility Lab is leading the national TDM industry at storytelling and marketing about TDM effectiveness at:
    • Association for Commuter Transportation annual conference in Baltimore
    • Association for Commuter Transportation annual conference in San Francisco
    • ACT legislative conference, with NPR’s Martin Di Caro
    • APTA’s Center for Transportation Excellence conference
    • Coalition for Smart Growth and Mobility Lab’s StreetsCamp
  • Held internal communications sessions called “Salons” designed to set the industry-wide agenda for how to promote various topics such as: how is TDM fiscally responsible and how should TDM practitioners engage with sharing-economy transportation companies.
  • generated a 60% increase in page views over FY14 (270,288 page views, up from 168,968). Most popular content was our original investigative articles and videos, and stories related to the sharing economy, the future of transportation, case studies on TDM best practices, original research, bicycles, and technology. Added 27 new contributors from many diverse industry sectors, bringing the total to 107 contributors. Redesigned several landing pages on, including Newsroom, Policy, Equity, and Mobility Lab Projects pages. Helped launch the North America Bikeshare Association (their website is part of Mobility Lab’s website).
  • Mobility Lab Express, twice-monthly newsletter, has 6,029 subscribers, gaining 1,775 subscribers in FY15. About a sixth of those (916) are from the D.C. region and the rest are from the throughout the country and world. Open rate has been consistently around 30 percent – well above the industry standard for similar newsletters (18 percent).
  • Consistently reach out with between 2 and 4 media campaigns to journalists each month which generates approximately 20 to 30 hits each month from outlets such as the Washington Post, Momentum magazine, NPR’s Kojo Nnamdi Show, WAMU and WTOP, POLITICO, Bloomberg, and the Washington Business Journal.
  • Twitter audience grew from 2,599 to 4,583 during FY15. LinkedIn is also increasingly becoming a place to engage in many how-to discussions with other professionals. Facebook “likes” also notably grew from 655 to 818.
  • Produced three short videos in FY15: Energizing People About the Future of Transportation; Ballston and the Silver Line: A Big Opportunity; and Energizing People to Reimagine Our Cities. Developed two infographics, Off To Work We Go and Myth: Funding Public Transportation is Too Costly.
  • For the second year in a row, named a “Constant Contact All Star” for the success and consistently high click-through rate of the Express newsletter. Only 10% of Constant Contact customers receive it.


  • Completed research on employer outreach strategies, calling upon a large review of national best practices, as well as, a survey of ATP clients completed in June 2014. The project team made recommendations for marketing and sales-program enhancements and began incorporating selected measures into the ATP work program for FY2016.
  • Provided a first start-to-finish support for a survey at an ATP client. Staff provided questionnaire-writing and analysis support to evaluate the effectiveness of a one-time sustainable-commute-incentive program at an office building with site-plan development requirements. With the purchase of advanced survey fielding and data-analysis software at the end of the year, will be able to provide greater support moving forward.
  • Began building a survey-questionnaire bank, pulling survey items from a variety of prior ACCS surveys and other sources, in order to inform the creation of standardized survey questions that other ACCS program staff can use in their work.
  • Gathered and analyzed Census commute data at a small geographic level for use in ATP marketing pieces. Based in the behavior-change theory behind the ATP Champions program, ATP intends to use this data to talk with employers about how their employees’ commutes compare with others in the immediate neighborhood.
  • Received and fulfilled 41 requests for information, data, or consultation from a variety of organizations, including ATP, Arlington County Transportation Engineering and Operations, Arlington Economic Development, the District of Columbia Department of Transportation, the North Bethesda TMA, and the San Luis Obispo (California) Council of Governments Regional Rideshare.
  • Attended the 2014 Association for Commuter Transportation International Conference and teamed with TDM for Site Plans, as well as the District of Columbia Department of Transportation, and the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency on studies of trip generation at buildings.
  • Presented on the use of research and data analysis in decision making at The Roanoke Valley-Alleghany Region Commission second annual Sustainable Transportation Summit.
  • Spoke at The Eno Center for Transportation annual Leadership Summit about the role of data analysis and the importance of analytical skills in transportation.
  • Released results from the Arlington Analysis of the 2013 State of the Commute with original blog articles, as well as an infographic. The release garnered press mentions and interviews in four local media outlets, including the Washington Post.
  • Awarded a grant from the Federal Highway Administration for an effort to estimate the return on investment of TDM as it relates to the efficiency of the transportation system.

TDM for Site Plan Development - FY 2013-2014-2015

FY12-13 FY13-14 FY14-15
Active sites (construction/occupancy phase, inspection/monitoring) 120 137 1561
Sites visited this year 75 74 105
Total visits, including follow-up visits to the same site 109 102 135
Portion of sites visited found to have new property managers (first visit with manager; typically requires in-depth training and follow-up visits) 27% 40% 62; 59%2
Portion of sites visited found out of compliance with one or more elements of Board-approved TDM (fair or poor) 46% 33% 55; 52.5%3
Total bike parking spaces inventory counted in the field to-date (installed to meet permit requirements) 5,031 6,189 8,7004

Sites with Class 1 (secure) bike parking (residential and commercial)

61 71 101

Class 1 bike parking spaces installed

3,808 4,386 6,151

Commercial sites with class 1 bike parking that includes showers and lockers

18 24 26

Class 2/3 (visitor) biking parking spaces installed

1,223 1,803 2,549

Portion of active sites missing bike rack(s) or related equipment

8% 7% 9%
Sites visited with TDM Plan requirement 60 61 79

Portion found to be missing TDM Plan

12% 5% 13%5
TDM Plans approved this year 8 8 11
All TDM Plans approved to-date 72 81 1036
ACCS operating revenue from TDM-related contributions $300,000 $381,000 $364,497
Revenue received as a portion of revenue expected 93% 115% 102%
Sites with transportation study requirement 74 79 98
Transportation studies completed this year (site plan only) 12 8 13
Transportation studies underway 6 10 127
Qualitative Assessment of Implementation Status - Site Plans Visited This Year (104 Sites)
Qualitative Rating FY12-13 FY13-14 FY2015
Good (largely in compliance) 50% 47% 45; 43%
Fair (not in compliance, but working at it) 33% 30% 45; 43%
Poor (not really working at it) 13% 5% 10; 9.5%
Not Yet Rated (pre-occupancy) 4% 18% 5; 4.5%

1This number includes a few sites that became Active in previous fiscal years but their database records hadn’t been updated.

2This rate went back up again this year; may be due to a combination of visits to sites which hadn’t been visited for 2+ years and a steady rate of turnover, which is to be expected each year.

3This portion went up this year because we visited approximately 50 sites which had not been visited for 2+ years.

4As in past years, this total inventory is going up in a combination of new bike parking being installed, and our inventory of existing supply becoming more accurate as a result of working with older sites. In FY15, bike parking counts were added to the database for approximately 30 sites which had not been visited for 2+ years.

5This percent increased because of improved record keeping and because we visited several older sites this year that received the 1st certificate of occupancy before it became a policy of the bureau to systematically obtain TDM plans from developers.

6This number increased by more than 11 because past sites had had TDM Plans approved but the date of approval had not be added to the database.

7The residential study group includes 2 properties along Columbia Pike that are participating in “voluntary” studies (i.e. not required in the site plan).

Did You Know?

You could save $816 a month if you switch from driving to public transportation for your commute.

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